See what some of my former clients have to say about working with me as their job strategist.


Brooklyn, NY

Focus: Job Hunt Strategy

I was overwhelmed and frustrated with the job search experience and Yejin really helped me focus and get everything done. I had to do an entire revamp and was looking for an experienced professional to help me improve my application tools and fine tune my interview skills. Her compassionate nature made the whole process more bearable and I looked forward to our meetings. She was instrumental in helping me figure out the best way to tackle overwhelming to-do lists and revamping all my application tools. Her editing skills are superb and she is very receptive and easy to talk to. She is an excellent listener but also delivers tough love in a kind manner when necessary, which I found extremely helpful. I appreciate her honesty and direct nature. She is efficient and knowledgeable and an excellent communicator.


Queens, NY

Focus: Job Hunt Strategy

Working with Yejin has been a joyful, informative, and career-changing experience. As an early-career recent graduate, it was so helpful to work with someone as empathetic and supportive as Yejin. Yejin's ability to identify my strengths, relay them back to me, and then connect my strengths back to a job search strategy helped give me much needed confidence during a time of career uncertainty. Yejin's social justice fluency also helped me feel like I could bring my whole self to our sessions, allowing me to speak honestly about my experiences and career expectations. Yejin also developed specific strategies for interviewing and resume writing that aligned with my career goals and surfaced hidden achievements.

When I had a wave of interview opportunities come in, Yejin was great at regularly checking in for updates. She was also readily available for quick calls and texts to hammer out which interviews made sense to move forward with and for salary negotiation strategy advice. Now, I'm working full-time at a nonprofit that meets my goals. I couldn't have gotten to where I am without her help. I'm so grateful to have worked with Yejin!


Jersey City, NJ

Focus: Job Hunt Strategy

Yejin was a critical support for me during my job hunt. She was a supportive coach when I finally made the decision to actively interview for other positions. Throughout the process, she helped me to find my voice at my current job which helped bring clarity to what I was seeking in my next gig. When I was struggling at work and feeling helpless, Yejin listened, asked questions, and helped me find the words to effectively communicate to my employer. She is naturally curious and has a special skill to lead you to your own answers without neglecting the feelings and emotional responses that helped you get there. With Yejin’s support I was able to grow in confidence. Thanks to her, I did not have to feel “desperate” in a job hunt which translated to feeling more focused and intentional during my job interviews. I finally found a position for a social justice organization whose values I connected with. I don’t think I would have had the same result if it weren’t for Yejin’s commitment to seeing me truly content with my decision.


Brooklyn, NY

Focus: Workplace Conflict

Yejin’s coaching is a game changer. Through her method of deep inquiry, she deconstructs challenges into manageable opportunities. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion, compassionate accountability, and effectiveness uniquely positions her to provide insights and action steps that I find particularly helpful as a professional woman of color. By acknowledging and unpacking intersectional challenges we’ve been able to identify strategies and tools that keep me feeling more empowered and productive.


Brooklyn, NY

Focus: Re-Entering the Workforce

Yejin has helped me tremendously in my job search process. She is extremely organized, resourceful, caring and she put me at ease right away. I felt a huge lack of confidence with the interview process and Yejin helped me to quickly overcome my anxiety by giving me concrete insights and an understanding of what matters to recruiters. I felt very comfortable expressing my doubts and I always found an empathetic and non-judgmental ear. I highly recommend Yejin for anyone looking for a job, whether in their field or on a new career path, she’s the best!


Philadelphia, PA

Focus: Interviewing

I had an interview for a teaching position but didn’t have much experience, so I looked around for some help. One of my friends referred me to Yejin who has superior experience and skills to prepare me for an interview. I contacted her and explained my problem. She listened very carefully and gave me guidance on how to prepare. She not only provided direction on what kinds of questions I would be asked, but she also taught me how to manage the entire interview with a strategy. Because of this help I was able to control the interview even when I was asked a question we didn’t review together. If there is anyone who has an upcoming interview, I suggest you call Yejin. You will receive a strategy to figure out your problem.