Services and Rates


Resumé Refresh

30-minute phone consult; audit for resumé and LinkedIn profile, areas of improvement; a revised resumé

Duration:  One week


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One Session 

One 90-minute session
(good for small and discrete goals, like interview prep or managing conflict)

Duration:  N/A


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Three Sessions

  • Free 30-minute phone consult
  • One 90-minute session
  • Two 60-minute sessions

Duration:  2 -4 weeks


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Six Sessions

  • Free 30-minute phone consult
  • One 90-minute session
  • Five 60-minute sessions

Duration:  4-8 weeks


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For individuals who have longer-term goals or simply want a more proactive approach to attaining a meaningful work life. Membership costs depend on where a client is in their career. All memberships include one free 60-minute consult, two 45-minute calls or meetings (at my Brooklyn home) per month, along with texting sessions (office hours to be determined with each client). When a client registers for a membership package, recurring monthly payments will be set up. They can be cancelled at any time.


Examples of longer-term professional goals:

  • To identify new career pathways within the nonprofit world
  • To become more comfortable managing conflict
  • To build up team morale in deep and genuine ways
  • To build better working relationships with your colleagues
  • To identify the source of your unhappiness at work
  • To build deep and genuine confidence in your abilities and your personhood
  • To better understand dynamics of power in the workplace
  • To better understand how race factors into everyday work life

Right out of College

$80 per month

Associate Level

$150 per month


$200 per month

Executive Level

$300 per month

How it Works

Step 1.

If you are interested in a career coaching package or membership, the first step is to fill out an intake form, where you will be asked to answer various questions and to select your desired package or membership level.


Step 2.

I will reach out to you by email to let you know about my availability, to answer any questions you might have posed in the intake form, and to schedule our first session. Please note that my time for career coaching is limited to lunch time, evenings, and weekends. I may not have immediate availability and will communicate openly and honestly about my capacity.


Step 3.

We will look at our schedules and calendar our sessions. I prefer to set all of the dates in advance, if you are selecting a discrete package. For members, I prefer regular and recurring times (e.g. every first and third Thursday of the month at 6:00pm).


Step 4.

Prior to our first session, I will send you an invoice that must be paid before we begin. For members, you only have to set up a payment once for monthly payments. This can be cancelled at any time. Note that you will be asked to offer payment before a free session (for those purchasing packages and memberships).


Step 5.

We begin!