Untether your Non-profit from White Supremacy Culture


As a consultant, I work with mission-driven non-profits to identify and remove manifestations of white supremacy culture from the organization’s internal operations and external programming.┬áBecause of the necessarily complex and multi-layered nature of racism, I believe the work of untethering a non-profit from its relationship to white dominance requires more than a one-off engagement. Check out the “Methods” below to learn more about the different ways in which I engage organizations.



Data Collection

I work with your team to excavate and organize quantitative and qualitative data related to inequity & exclusion within an organization.


Root Cause Analyses

Based on data collected related to operating manifestations of inequity, exclusion, and white supremacy culture, I facilitate root-cause-analyses sessions in order to help your team make concrete connections between theory & praxis, and big-picture & the granular.


Trainings & Workshops

I increase your team’s capacity to identify, contend with, move through, and undo the organization’s practices of white supremacy culture by creating and facilitating tailored educational engagements.

Systems & Processes Review

I support your team in understanding how your organization-wide systems (e.g. CRM, performance management, time-keeping, project management, etc.) and processes (e.g. hiring, inter-departmental requests, etc.) are inequitable or exclusive. I work with your team to recommend adjustments.

Executive Coaching

It can be challenging for executives to move through processes related to racial equity. I work with leaders who are interested in moving through defensiveness, complacency, and inertia in order to show up for racial justice within their organization. I do this by helping you identify your operational relationship to social and positional power, and then by offering compassionate but firm guidance in your pursuit to divest from white supremacy culture.

Areas of Focus

People Operations

Hiring, on-boarding, and exiting processes

People management practices

Performance management systems

Organizational Change & Culture

Equity-related organizational change management

Accountability mechanisms & practices

Internal communications

Organizational values

Meeting optimization

Fundraising & Governance

Anti-racist fundraising


Inter-departmental relationships

Board management & development