Who I am

I have dedicated the past decade of my life to the evergreen pursuit of dismantling white supremacy culture in the non-profit world. I have worked as the head of organizational design at a civic tech nonprofit, and have seven years of fundraising experience in informal and formal education institutions. Combining my background in anti-violence organizing, organizational problem-solving, fundraising & development operations, and operationalization of anti-racism within internal systems & processes, I strive to help build power with and for BI&POC (Black, Indigenous, & People of Color). Learn more about my professional background through my LinkedIn page.


Few things bring me more joy than building deep trust in relationships, facilitating introspection, supporting firm but compassionate learning and growth, and offering guidance on how to identify and remove our individual and collective investment in white supremacy culture. I offer these skills, competencies, and passion through my work as a career coach, non-profit consultant, and executive coach.

Things to Know About Me

I use an anti-racist framework in the work I do as a career coach and non-profit consultant. This may not be the main subject of our work together, but it is important to know that I am a firm believer that social and position power impacts everything, from the internal, to the interpersonal, to the institutional, to the structural.


I believe growth & transformation come from a combination of self-awareness & praxis. My goal – whether I am working as your career coach, consultant, or executive coach – is to help increase your awareness, and to support you in applying new practices and embodying new values.


I am deeply inquisitive. My coaching, facilitation, and consulting style is rooted in methods of deep questioning. This ultimately helps me to become more substantively supportive of you in meeting your goals.

What I Do

Career Coaching: I work with individuals who are looking for support in identifying, formulating, and achieving their professional goals in mission-driven industries. As a coach, I am interested in helping people find ways to see, recognize, and center their skills, competencies, passions, identities, and voice as they pursue their professional goals.

Career Coaching Services

Non-Profit Consulting: With a strong (and ever-growing) operational analysis and commitment to anti-racism, I use my expertise in various and interrelated parts of non-profit’s operations to help organizations untether their internal functions and external programming from white supremacy culture. A subset of my consulting practice is focused on executive coaching. I specialize in executive coaching that moves non-profit leadership through challenging organizational moments related to inequity, exclusion, and white supremacy culture.

Consulting Services